GGG Tip: Eucalyptus Oil

Using Eucalyptus Oil for Colds & Flu

Hi friends!
So since I was in Zambia last weekend, I’ve been so sick with flu – it’s really kicked my butt! Although I didn’t want to, I’ve eventually ended up on antibiotics to try clear it. One of the symptoms I’ve been suffering the most with is congestion (deep wheezy breathe in, deep wheezy breathe out) but I’v been using Eucalyptus Oil to try relieve some of my blocked up congestion. 
One of the tips I learnt about using Eucalyptus Oil for colds and flu is to sprinkle a few drops on the shower floor and this then acts as a steam inhalation! I’m not going to lie to you, I pretty much pour about half of the bottle on the floor as I’m so desperate at the moment but after my shower I can breathe a bit easier. Another tip for using Eucalyptus Oil, is to add a few drops to your bath! For more tips check out this post on Autumn Care.
You can get Organic Eucalyptus Oil from SOil from Faithful To Nature for R25 or your local Clicks should stock some too. Faithful To Nature  also has a few more tips on how to use Eucalyptus Oil as a decongestant. 
Hope this tip helps for those of you that are all blocked up!
Love always, The Glam Green Girl xXx


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