A Few Simple Tips

A few simple tips on how to be Glam and Green
Small changes, its what I’m always going on about. But its true, small changes can really help! Here are a few tips on how to become more Glam and Green – easy tips that will help the environment but wont make a drastic change to your routine.
  • I like to keep two boxes in my bathroom, one for paper and one for plastic. My recycling bins are downstairs in the courtyard so sometimes I’ll leave an empty shampoo bottle on my bathroom counter with the intention of taking it down to the recycling bin later but when I go fetch it, unfortunately its already been thrown away in the trash bin. So by having these two boxes, I can rather fill them up and take it all down to the recycling bins. There is a lot in your bathroom that can be recycled – products that have finished for eg: a body cream (plastic); toilet paper – toilet roll equals to paper; You get new products that are first packaged in paper; I always cut the tags off new clothing in my bathroom equalling to plastic and paper. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll actually be able to recycle! Those boxes will be full in no time!

  • Are you like me and obsessed with making lists? I know you are! Unfortunately this means using lots of paper, which means cutting down trees. If you like to write it all down, use up every free space of the paper and then when you’re finished recycle it! Otherwise your phones, iPads, laptops all have apps that allow you to write notes and memos – use them!

  • Choose organic beauty products – but dont throw out all your products so you can go green – that defeats the point, you will just be causing waste. Rather ‘convert’ slowly, only buying when neccessary. Look out for reviews soon from Naturals Beauty, Mioja and Soil!

  • Working on your laptop/computer all day? Rather switch it off at the end of the day instead of allowing it to ‘sleep’ – save electricity

  • ο»ΏWhen doing laundry, rather use cold temperatures. 90% of electricity goes into heating water, and most loads dont need hot water. Save water and electricity

  • Use matches instead of lighters – lighters just end up in landfills

  • Choose organic food – better for you and for the environment

  • Swap your magazines with your friends – instead of all buying the same magazine, make a list and each friend buys one – and then recycle it, or use it as wrapping paper like in this post

Simple and easy hey? Even if you just manage a few of these, you’ll be helping! High five to you πŸ˜‰
What are your simple green tips?ο»Ώ

The Glam Green Girl


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