EU Ban on Animal Testing

The EU Reaffirms Ban on Animal Testing

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Today a new EU regulation came into effect, it reaffirmed the policy already in place since March of the banning of animal testing for cosmetics.
So from now on, no products that were tested on animals may be sold or marketed in Europe!
If you’re an animal lover like me, I bet you’re doing a happy dance right now!
“The sales ban is a spectacular achievement. It declares that testing cosmetics on animals is wrong and – further – that profiting from that testing is wrong. ” – PETA
It’s a great step forward and hopefully other countries will follow suit! 
There are unfortunately a few loop holes though; “Although companies can’t sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe, that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to test cosmetics on animals outside Europe and continue to sell them in other markets. Therefore companies can still profit from cruelty to animals, just not in Europe. This is particularly important because many large emerging markets, such as China, are demanding that cosmetics be tested on animals. ” – PETA

[UPDATE: A blogging friend just made me aware that India has also decided to ban animal testing for cosmetics – Read the article here – Thank you Nicola from Beauty Bloggess]

To make sure you aren’t supporting animal testing, check to see if your products are cruelty-free! Check out this cruelty free website to double check! Also, look for the leaping bunny logo!
Say NO to animal testing!
What do you think about the EU’s ban on animal testing?

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