[ECO]: Tips to Reuse & Recycle Glass

Seeing as though Glass Recycling Month has come to an end, I wanted to share some of my tips on how to reuse glass and facts about recycling glass.

As I mentioned in this post about glass , glass is 100% recyclable and is natural. So what does this mean for you? While, it means that there is pretty much no excuse as to why you can’t recycle glass.


Before I share how I reuse glass in my day-to-day life, here are some facts on what glass can be recycled (not all glass is the same, some has different properties to packaging glass).

→ Glass containers used for food such as tomato sauce bottle; jam jars; coffee jars etc

→ Glass cool drink bottles

→ Beer & Wine bottles

Did you know, 80% of glass used in South Africa avoids going into landfill – this includes both glass that is recovered for recycling, or returned to be reused like quart beer bottles. In South Africa 100% of recovered glass packaging is made into new bottles. Pretty interesting right!

So how to recycle this glass you’ve now collected? Well first off, if your glass is dirty, rinse out any leftover food or drink and remove the caps and lids (you can usually throw those in tin or plastic recycling bins). Next, find a place where you can drop off your recycling. This can be a local glass bank or you can SMS “Glass” and your suburb to 32310 to find the closest one to you.


But what if you want to save those beautiful glass jars or bottles? I love the sophisticated look glass gives in terms of decor and sometimes find some glass packaging so pretty that I immediately think of ways I can reuse it.

These are all items from my work area and bathroom and are all reused glass jars.

→ Decor

→ Make Up Brush Holder

→ Vase

→ Stationery Holder

→ Cotton Pad Holder


To find a glass bank near you or to find more helpful tips on how to play your part in terms of glass recycling, visit

Do you recycle glass? What ways do you reuse glass? I’d love to know!

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