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Straws, boy oh boy do we hear a lot about straws. Most people take note for a little while, others just disregard the information straight away. But to put it basically, straws suck! That’s when companies like RESTRAW come along and make a difference.

Why You Should Say No To Plastic Straws

April is Earth Month as we celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd of April. So what better time to get a bit more educated on why you should refuse the straw?

Did you know that straw production is one of the most energy intense processes? You can read more on this infographic.

But I Put My Straws In The Recycling Bins?

I know, I always thought the same. Unfortunately, plastic straws are so lightweight that they don’t make it through the mechanical recycling sorter. They drop through sorting screens and mix with other materials and are too small to separate. This leads to them contaminating recycling loads or getting disposed as garbage. (source: Straw less Ocean)

Let’s not even get started on the severe impact these straws have on our marine life. It’s devasting! To learn more – read here.


Moving on to a pleasant solution, RESTRAW. This company was started in 2017 after the owners had noticed how much plastic was floating in the ocean while they were on their honeymoon. I even found this on my Bali trip and it heartbreaking it was to be snorkeling in the beautiful island waters and see chip packs float past you.

When I’m at a restaurant, I always say no thank you to the waiter when they offer me a straw. One of my pet peeves is when your drink arrives and the straw is already in it. Anyone else feel the same? I always try carry around a steel straw so I can use it for my pretty cocktails, plus it keeps the drink nice and cold!

Glass straws are aesthetically pleasing but they are the ones I keep at home for my smoothies. I’m way to nervous that one breaks in my bag.

RESTRAW offers steel; glass and bamboo straws so you can see which one you prefer! RESTRAW straws are able to withstand high and low temperatures so you can use them for a hot chocolate or a healthy smoothie. The straws are manufactured and branded locally, each one being handcrafted with the utmost care. The packaging is all eco-friendly and even the sleeves the straws (and cleaning brush) come in are sustainable as they are made from 100% hemp.

Rose Gold and Glass For The Win!

I actually ordered two of the glass straws from RESTRAW for Valentine’s Day as a little gift to myself as you could have them personalized and I use them every day for my morning smoothie. You can see them here on my Instagram Stories under the ECO ’19 highlight. RESTRAW kindly set me a new glass one and a rose gold bent straw for myself and for a sneaky giveaway on my Instagram .

To order your own straws head over to their website here.

ps: the pomegranates I used in these photos are from my mom’s garden! How cool!

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