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Why Should We Recycle Paper?

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Those that have been reading my blog for a while now, know that I have an obsession when it comes to recycling. I can become quite hectic over it but I feel in terms of the environment, it’s a good obsession to have. Over the next few weeks I’ll be chatting more about recycling but today’s post features a few facts on paper recycling.

While paper is pretty much a necessity in our everyday lives, we’re luckily switching over to the electronic side of things but we still use so much paper everyday, and while it may be essential, the trees that are being cut down for it are far more essential.

Did you know that recycling one tonne of paper can save the following?
17 Trees
3.3 cubic yards of landfill space
9 barrels of oil
4000 kilowatts of energy
7000 gallons of water

So how can you play your part?

1) Change to electronic billing – this saves all those bills being thrown in the bin.

2) Need to print something out? Try use both sides of the page.

3) Keep a paper recycling bin right next to the photocopier and fax machine at the office, you’ll be surprised how quickly it will fill up.

4) Subscribe to your favourite magazine or newspaper digitally.

5) Buy recycled paper. Using old paper to make new paper uses a lot less energy.

6) Visit Treevolution to find out where you can take your paper recycling to or if it can be collected from your house.

Need any help with recycling? Drop me a message – I’d love to help, like I’ve said, it’s a passion!

Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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