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  1. Carla M VD Westhuizen says

    I definitely want to make a change to a more sustainable tooth brush! Been getting rid of all the plastics in our house 🙂

  2. Sarah says

    It’s great to see that big companies are doing R&D for sustainable products. Also having greener products available in large retailers, makes it easier for customer to make the switch rather than ordering online or scouting out boutique stores. Just wish Dis-chem was in Knysna (fingers crossed one is coming soon), but will pop in to the George branch when next visiting.

  3. Marlini Naidoo says

    Awesome giveaway. I definitely want to make a change to a more sustainable lifestyle with this toothbrush💚

  4. Moira Mc Allister says

    Slowly but surely plastics are been replaced in my home.
    I would love to own the new Jordan Green Clean range.

  5. Linda Laing says

    I am going to get them for me and my three boys… love the pastel colours…. time up to change our toothbrushes anyway!!

  6. Wendy Lombard says

    How wonderfully innovative. I look forward to seeing more great products becoming available ❤️

  7. Shantel Moodley says

    Yes , after the best change I have made was a menstrual cup . I will be changing to eco- friendly toothbrushes

  8. Nonceba Lushaba says

    We are making conscious efforts to reduce the amount of plastic we use. I would definitely go the route of more sustainable options for toothbrushes. Looking forward to using Jordan Green Clean!

  9. Chandré Nortier says

    Been trying too go more green around the house and in general from resumable coffee cups to less plastic in general. This would be great to try and see if it works for my family.

  10. Portia Koenane says

    I would really love to experience the dental care of an environmental conscious product,would be honoured as I even use Jordan toothpaste & thanks for the opportunity yay

  11. Fehmida Wally says

    Our recycling in my home is going pretty well.. We slowly replacing all plastic items with glass.

  12. Sarah says

    It’s great that larger brands are doing R&D on sustainable products and making them easily available in major stores. Will have to pop in to Dis-Chem to take a look.

  13. Camillah Adams says

    Much awareness has been created during #plasticfreejuly including highlighting the need the return to more eco friendly options in our everyday lives. This is a yes from me!

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