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[ECO]: 5 Tips for World Environment Day 2018

5 June 2018 – World Environment Day

Beginning in 1974, World Environment dayΒ is currently celebrated in over 100 countries. It’s a day for the people, to play their part in helping the environment. Each year there is a host country and a theme. This year, India is the host country. 2018’s theme is seen to be one that is needing a lot of attention lately, beating plastic pollution!

Last year on my trip to Bali, while swimming in the ocean in a remote part of one of the islands, I was so upset to see how much plastic there was. It was floating around everywhere. How did it even end up there?

Did you know that eight million tonnes of plastic makes its way into the sea every year?

What Can You Do To Make A Difference?

Below are some of my tips for helping to beat plastic pollution. In no means am I innocent when it comes to plastic usageΒ but it is something I’m trying to work on. Small, conscious changes make a big difference in the end.

Two things I’m really trying to concentrate on is straws and coffee cups. I’m getting in the habit of saying no to straws at restaurants and I’m trying to remember to pack my own reusable coffee cup in my car for when I’m out and about.

5 Ways To Beat Plastic Pollution

1) Refuse the straw. Use a glass; metal; bamboo; paper straw if needed

2) Ditch the takeaway coffee cups. Try pack your own reusable coffee cup for when you’re on the go.

3) Buy a glass water bottle. Glass is so much healthier for you and 100% recyclable.

4) Find out where you can recycle your plastic. You’ll be shocked at how much plastic you actually use every day

5) Use reusable shopping bags. Another thing I’m trying to get better at.


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    • Cassidy

      It’s a habit I’m trying to work on – I love takeaway coffee but I feel so guilty about the plastic cups so I’m trying to make sure I always have a reusable cup handy x

  • Lalannie Knoll

    Seattle coffee offers you a discount when you bring your own reusable cup. Coffee cups don’t disintegrate because of the heating element.
    I bought some glass straws and my eco-friendly cup from Faithful to Nature and love it. The glass straws come with a handy cleaner which is quite nifty.
    You can also buy reusable net bags for fruit and veg. The plastic used for fruit and veg are probably some of the worst single use plastic.
    The cost of plastic bags was suppose to deter consumers but apparently the supply has increased. I went to the penguin festival in Simon’s Town two years and Two Oceans Aquarium was there to highlight the plight of sea creatures and the effect of plastic. This made me change immediately.
    Spreading awareness is key!

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