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[ECO]: 10 Things To Compost Instead Of Trashing It

With it being a new year, a new fresh start and a chance to begin on a positive note my greatest wish is that being more Eco-conscious is part of that new prospective.  As cliche as it may sound “New Year, New Me” it really does have an impact on the intentions you set for yourself for the rest of the year.

I wanted to share 10 daily household items that sometimes are thrown into the trash when they could be used for compost for your garden. No garden? No problem. Some of these items can be used for your pot plants. No pot plants? Hmmm let’s try change that a bit should we?

Try find a corner of your garden to start a small compost pile with some of the following items:

◊ Eggs Shells

◊ Tea Bags

◊ Coffee Grounds

◊ Fruit & Vegetable Peels

◊ Sawdust

◊ Grass Clippings

◊ Organic Matter

◊ Flowers and Leaves

◊ Kitchen Scraps

◊ Toilet Paper Cones

Hope you found this post informative?

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