[EAT]: Meze Platter at Plaka

My Love For Greek Food

So I can honestly tell you that one of the reasons I wanted to visit Greece was for the food. I even mentioned it in previous blog posts. I love the idea of meze – sharing all different dishes and getting a taste of everything while socializing. Enter Plaka. You can even read this blog post about my time in Athen where I visited the actual Plaka for meze.

Plaka Menlyn

While Plaka first started in Joburg in 1993, they now even have a branch in Pretoria at Menlyn Park Shopping center. I’ve been there a few times and it’s always a treat to visit. I was recently hosted by Plaka to try out their Meze Platter for 2. I took my mom with me and we had such a lovely lunch date together.

Meze Platter For Two

So what is included in the newly launch Meze platter? Well, let me first tell you that it’s meant for two people but I feel like more than three can share! There is so much food – definitely bang for your buck!

The platter includes the following: Chicken Souvlaki; Shish Kebab; Calamari; Haloumi; Falafel; Zucchini; Tomato & Onion Salad; Hand cut chips and Pita bread with dip. Yummy! My mom is such a fan of the tomato and onion salad she’s even made it at home. My favourite was definitely the halloumi cheese – hmmm! You could actually just give me a whole basket of pita bread and an assortment of dips and I would be happy.

Is It Worth It?

100% yes in my opinion. R249.00 for more than enough food for two people is a great deal in my eyes. Plus like I mentioned before, I love the sharing factor of it all. I also want to give a shoutout to the staff at Plaka Menlyn. Whenever I’ve visited they have been amazing. Pop in and let me know what you think?

Disclaimer: Thank you, Plaka for hosting me for this delicious lunch!

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