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[EAT]: 5 Reasons to Visit Mozzafiato – Serengeti Estates

If you’ve ever driven into Serengeti Estate, you instantly fall in love with the surroundings. This happened to me last year when I hosted an event at the clubhouse and I’ve been there a few times since. It became even more appealing to me once Mozzafiato opened.

Mozzafiato, translated as “simply breathtaking” , is exactly that. This open-air piazza offers so much to each of it’s guests so I thought I’d break it down to you in my top 5 reasons. PS: if you enjoyed this type of post, pop over to my post from last year about The Spice Route in Cape Town.


Decor. To me, visual impressions are extremely important. I pick up small details as soon I walk into a room. I appreciate every tiny aspect that goes into creating a beautiful atmosphere. This is what I feel the whole space at Mozzafiato has achieved. There is literally a story behind each piece of art work, or the way the restaurant laid out. The blue, opulent, velvet couches are my absolute favourite. Can I have them in my house please?


Food. Now I know what you are thinking. Shouldn’t be food be number one? The food is absolutely divine, but like I said, I’m a visual person and the first impression of the decor made such an impact for me.

Italian based dishes with the chefs personal twists on them. I highly recommend you indulge in the authentic wood-fire pizza that envelops the senses. One section of the restaurant includes the chef table. Here you pay a certain amount and the chef decides what you should eat, he also prepares the food in front you allowing for interaction and a deeper understanding of their actual process.

One of my favourite meals from their Sunday harvest table is their deep fried macaroni balls – they are delizioso“.ย I can’t wait to spend a full evening pairing a few glasses of wine with their exceptionally thought out meals.


Staff. Third on my list, and a vital part of the whole operation, is the staff. Chef Shane, is such a cool dude to put it bluntly. He has such incredible vision and put so much effort into each square meter of the establishment. Flanked by Chef Ransley and Chef Robbie, this trio create such mouth watering dishes. Chef Shane doesn’t call his staff waiters or barmen, he calls them movers and shakers as they are an intricate part of the making everything run smoothly.

You receive such a warm welcome when you arrive and you kind of even feel like you’re part of the Mozzafaito family. How awesome is that?


Sustainability. This obviously means a great deal to me. I’m happy to report that it’s a crucial factor for the establishment as well. A few weeks ago I uploaded a photo of a cocktail I had there the other day and even stressed to you guys that the straw was a biodegradable one. Mozzafiato use only the freshest ingredients and keep it as local as possible. They also use what they have. Simple example is the large tins they use for serving purposes for when they have functions.

As it’s a new building site, their vegetable garden is still in the works but I know that they chefs feel passionately about creating a magnificent one.


More. Apart from epitomizing Italian fine-dining, Mozzafiato is so much more. Not only can you have a taste of Italy, you can experience a lifestyle similar to that of a European one. There is a bakery; a deli; a butchery; a wine cellar; a kiddies area and the newly built pool area. You can host a super cool event there. There is even a section where you can have a cooking class!


Hope you enjoyed my 5 top reasons! I’d love to know if you’ve been there before and if you agree? What is your favourite dish?

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