[DIY]: Gift Bags

Reusing Magazines To Make Gift Bags
Love to collect magazines like me but sometimes the pile just gets too big? Always attending parties? I have a solution for you – the DIY gift bags!
I made two different bags and I’ve photographed each step, it’s super easy!
What you need:
– A magazine
– scissors (I used cute craft scissors)
– sticky tape or washi tape
-string (if you want to make a bag with handles)
– punch (if you want to make a bag with handles)
You’ll need two pages per bag, so I tried to tear out pages with similar colours to sort of keep a theme going.
After you’ve torn out your pages, cut the edges neatly and cut the one page smaller than the other.
Tape 3 of the sides, leave one side open for the handles.

Punch holes in the side you left open and tie it with string to make handles.
You’re first bag is now done!
The same as with the first bag, neatly cut off the edges and cut one page smaller than the other.
This time I used pretty washi tape to tape my edges.
You can seal your package once you’re ready to give it to someone with a sweet sticker.
Ta-da! Super easy way to re-use magazines and help save you money!
Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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