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[BLOG]: Interviewed by Rachel Da Silva

I was recently contacted by a LISOF student that is in her first year and for one of her assignments for her subject ‘Fashion Media’, she had to create her own blog and interview a South African blogger. Rachel is a big fan of cruelty free beauty and is on the path towards sustainable fashion, I was super honoured to be her blogger of choice and did a little interview with her for her assignment.

You can pop over to her blog here to see her full article but I wanted to share the interview on my blog as I thought some of you might find it interesting.

Q & A with The Glam Green Girl and Rachel Da Silva

1. I want to know a bit about your life first. Is blogging your actual job? Do you think it could be a real job?

“As much as I love blogging, it’s not my actual job. I have a full time job; teach art part-time and do a bit of freelancing on the side. I work on my blog during my evenings and dedicate a good portion of my weekends to my blog. I do think it could one day be a real job as brands are becoming more aware of the influence bloggers can have.” – Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“I see myself as someone who will have travelled a substantial amount of the world, grown as a business woman and continuing my passion for helping others to make small and easy eco-changes in their everyday life.” -Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

3. I see you love to travel. How do you travel and still be sustainable?

“Love to travel is a bit of an understatement haha, it’s something I’m so passionate about. I firmly believe in experiencing all of the world’s different walks of life and this is why I spend so much time saving and planning for my next trips. To travel sustainably means researching the accommodations you’re staying at, are they contributing to helping the environment? What do they do to offset their carbon footprint from all their guests?
While you’re at your hotel, reuse your towel instead of having a fresh one delivered every day; bring your own toiletries instead of using the complimentary ones which creates so much wastage; make sure your lights and aircons are switched off when leaving the room – small things like that can make a big difference.” – Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

4. You care so much about this environment. What or who made you realize that you need to do what you can to save this planet?

“It started with a recycling programme that had begun at the estate we stay at, this led to me starting to research why exactly recycling was so important in this day and age? Distraught by the facts I was finding out, I decided to try and use my voice to help others understand why we need to play our part in helping the environment.”- Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

5. You first started your blog talking about recycling, how did it turn into a beauty blog?

“A few months after I started my blog, I got an internship at the Oprah Magazine down in Cape Town in the beauty department. This opened a whole new door for me into the beauty world and I decided that I would join my love of the environment and beauty together going forward in my blogging career. I love that while I get to share so many beauty products, I also get to share a lot of eco tips with my readers.”- Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

6. Cattle agriculture is the biggest source of global warming, not to mention the cruelty these animals go through. So what do you think about vegetarianism and veganism as a way to stop this? Would you ever try it or think more people should do it?

“For me I totally understand the concept of cattle agriculture and the effects it has on the environment but feel it’s easier to get my message across of a greener life by making people more aware of everyday wastage and how reusing; recycling and reducing can make an impact on our sustainability. I still eat meat, it’s a personal choice for me and don’t impose on anyone’s choice of diet. I do think that vegetarianism and veganism is a great way to help the environment and do believe in the future I will turn more towards vegetarianism.”- Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

7. Have you had to sacrifice anything you loved in order to live sustainably?

“I think the biggest sacrifice I feel in trying to be more sustainable is the amount of beauty products I no longer use, there are such great brands that I would just love to use but choose not to as they don’t agree with what I believe in.”- Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

8. People tend to be quite lazy and won’t care where their makeup or clothes come from because it would be too much “effort” to do research. How do you think we can start changing their minds?

“I think by constantly reminding them of the fantastic brands that are out there that are so much better for them and the environment.”- Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

9. There are many people that think that you can’t look “trendy” and wear sustainable clothes. How do you look so stylish with sustainable fashion? Where do you shop?

“The sustainable fashion world is still something I personally need to work on. I do try and be more sustainable by choosing items I know will last a long time; looking for more local brands to wear and then either repairing or upcycling items that I already owe to give them another life. I also try clean out my closet often to donate to those who need it.”- Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

10. What quick advice can you give to people who want to start living sustainably?

“My best tips would be to look into recycling banks near you or if your area offers recycling. Start getting into the habit of separating your waste. Shower with a bucket (seriously!). Choose glass packaging. Say no to the straw when you’re out at a restaurant. Choose cruelty-free beauty products. Take it step by step and you’ll find it all starts to become a habit.”- Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

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