By Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

[BLOG]: 7th Birthday & GIVEAWAY

[BLOG]: 7th Birthday & GIVEAWAY

[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] Seven Years of Blogging

Yay, it’s my blog’s birthday! Lucky Number Seven? The number six and eleven are usually my lucky numbers but I’ve felt that since my last blog birthday it’s been a lucky year! I’ve travelled quite a bit in the last 12 months, some for my blog and some personal travel but you all know how obsessed I am with travelling. I’ve played with amazing makeup and skincare products. I’ve hopefully convinced a few more people to be more eco-conscious and all in all, I’ve had a busy but fun year!




I was looking back at my post from last year on the six things I’ve learnt through my time of blogging and nothing has changed. I still stand by those lessons I’ve learnt. If not, even more, as these days as I’m so focused on my own lane that I don’t have time for comparison.





Shoot The Moon

Can we take a moment for these images? Bettina from Shoot The Moon is amazing! I love working with her and we’ve partnered up to give you a chance to win your own shoot. So keep an eye out for that giveaway soon.




Let’s Get Down To Business

So I know a lot of you just came for the giveaway part of this post. No problem, I love spreading the love haha. I’ve put together a hamper of products I love. It’s brands that I personally enjoy using so I bought some products to spoil you with. It’s not a sponsored hamper so don’t expect thousands of rands worth of products but just something from me to you.




Enter Below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway







Love. Just Love.

Thank you so much for the constant love and support! You guys are honestly the BEST and I want you all to know how much I appreciate you!

All of my love xXx

11 thoughts on “[BLOG]: 7th Birthday & GIVEAWAY”

  • Hey beautiful lady😜 I would like to take the time and wish you a very happy birthday, may god bless you forever and always. May all your dreams and wishes come true and i wish for you loads of happiness and success😘. Enjoy the rest of your day, take care, stay safe, keep warm and stay blessed!

    P.S : don’t forget to do a birthday haul on YouTube 💃😜

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

  • Wow – doesn’t time flu when you do what you love! Happy Happy 7th Birthday – no 7 year itch to change your professional! whoop whoop!

    Wow it’s got to be glorious and what an achievement – Congratulations!

    Awesome photographic memories right! Wonderful.

    Here’s wishing you not another 7 years but yet let’s at least make It 28 more! And longer.

    Best regards always

  • Hey blog birthday beautiful lady😜 I would like to take the time and wish you all the very best, may god bless you I wish for you loads of happiness and success😘. 7 years is a very long time and Im proud of you. I would love for you to share all your lessons you learnt during your 7 years of blogging with me and all other new bloggers out there Enjoy the rest of your day, take care, stay safe, keep warm and stay blesse

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

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