[BLOG]: 6th Birthday & 6 Lessons

June is always special to me, as it’s a time to celebrate my blog’s birthday! This baby of mine has been such a passion for me, and even with work and trying to maintain balance in my life, I always find time for my blog.

Six roses for six years! Can you believe it!



6 Lessons I’ve learnt during my 6 years of blogging as The Glam Green Girl:

1). Don’t compare yourself – this is something I struggle with daily. I constantly compare myself; my work; my stats etc to others. I’ve had to learn that comparison really is the thief of joy and I just need to continue with the way I do things, my way.

2) It’s OK to take a break – Not feeling motivated? Swamped by all the other curve balls life deals you? It’s more than ok to step back and take a break. Life is all about balance.

3) If you’re just in it for the free stuff, you’re not going to make it – So often I’ve had people emailing me asking how they can get free stuff if they start a blog! Pet peeve right over there! If you’re going to blog, it needs to be something you’re passionate about, something you want to share with the world, not just a platform to get free things. Plus, when bloggers do get things, they work so hard to photograph the products; research the products; write about them – there’s so much that goes on behind the scences.

4) It’s ok to say no – if someone approaches you with a product or an idea that doesn’t fit what you believe in or what your blog is about, it’s perfectly acceptable to say no. You have to stay true to your blog and your brand.

5). It’s not a competition – You keep watching that fellow blogger’s stats go up; her followers go up and you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong? Your hard work will pay off, just keep doing you and remember you don’t have to compete with everyone around you. Embrace them and praise them!

6). Have fun – the reason I started blogging was because I wanted to share with others what small parts they could play in helping the environment, since them my blog has branched into different categories and I try to have fun with it as much as I can. When I test out new products, I think how I can photograph them and add to their beauty. My videos are a reflection of me, sneaky little jokes in them. It’s all about just enjoying the creative process.


Thank you all for being on this journey with me; for all the readers that have been here from the beginning and welcome to the new readers; for the sweet love letters you send me and the times you show me how much you appreciate my thoughts – thank you! 

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