[BEAUTY]: White Rabbit Republik 8 Piece Ferrule Brushes

Rose gold; soft; fluffy; light and best of all, cruelty free. 8 pieces make up this brush collection from White Rabbit Republik. I first found out about this cruelty free brand via Instagram, and you can pop over to this video to see my unboxing from the package they sent me. They kindly sent me a brush cleaning mat; a cute make up bag and the 8 Piece Rose Gold Full Ferrule Brushes set.



This set includes brushes for your face as well as for your eye makeup. They are soft and fluffy, yet still manage to pick up a decent amount of product. They are made from super soft synthetic bristle fibres and the rose gold finish adds a glamorous effect to them. You can use them for liquid; cream or powder products.

They are very light; I think they might be the lightest brushes I’ve worked with, and definitely the fluffiest brushes I’ve used, so it takes a bit of getting used to.

I so enjoy using the blush brush though, I feel I actually have more control when applying my blush and bronzer.

Beautiful; opulent and worth the money! This 8 piece set usually goes for R850.00 but is currently on sale for R549.00 – check out the set online here.



Don’t forget to head over to my YouTube channel to watch my March unboxing video!

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