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  1. Siobhan Yeatman says

    The powder is amazing, and I possibly love it the most! It’s sooooooooooooo good.
    I love the foundation, own it in two shades so I can match it to how tanned/pasty my skin is.
    I finally tried out the concealer, and what bugs me is that the lightest shade available is DARKER than the lightest foundation available. Also = while it works amazingly at covering blemishes and redness, I don’t like it under my eyes. It covers well, but it creases no matter how I set it – something I don’t ever have a problem with, with any concealer ever!

    • Cassidy says

      Ooooh definitely going to buy the powder now! So weird about the concealer under your eyes? Thanks for reading babe xXx

  2. Simone Cameron says

    I’m so bummed I can’t get this in my shade. I tried but the shade was too pink. Also I’ve never seen the concealer in PE yet. I do believe the powder is very good as well.

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