[BEAUTY]: Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette

Encased in an edgy yet sophisticated gun metal packaging with gold accents, you will find twelve shades of Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks. Yep, 12 in one package, talk about convenience! Not only do you have 12 shades to choose from, but they come in 6 different finishes.



From berry hues, to reds, to nudes to bolder and darker colours, you will find shades that you’re familiar with and then ones that will take you out of your comfort zone.

This palette is perfect for those that have wanted to add more colours to their lipstick collection; ideal for makeup artists as they have an easy palette to work from; fab for popping out of your handbag for touch ups or a quick colour change and so convenient for traveling! Often on holiday I take quite a few colours with me, but this palette is just so handy! It also contains a retractable lip brush.





The palette consists of the following colours and their finishes:

Sheer Shame (Sheer) berry
Firebird (Cream) deep fuchsia
Big Bang (Metallized) bright pink sparkle
Disobedient (Cream) medium pink
EZ (Cream) bright red-orange
714 (Mega Matte) bright red
Vanished (Sheer) pale neutral nude
1993 (Comfort Matte) medium brown
Ex-Girlfriend (Sheer Shimmer) nude-rose w/pink shimmer
Amulet (Metallized) metallic brick rose
Conspiracy (Metallized) plum-bronze shimmer
Blackmail (Comfort Matte) deep berry wine

Below I swatched all 12 shades in the order of the palette (so Sheer Shame first, right down to Blackmail).


This Lipstick palette retails for R700.00 and is limited edition, so you better hurry and get yours soon soon my beauties!


Don’t forget to watch my video on when I unboxed this palette <3

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