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I’m always excited when Urban Decay launches new products, and let’s be honest, the new launches have been coming in hot and heavy. This particular product though really piqued my interest as I’m always on the lookout for a full coverage concealer. Although I haven’t tried out the All Nighter Foundation (I’m a fan of the Naked Skin Foundation), I knew this was going to be a winning formula for a concealer.


It lasts all day and all night. Yep, it’s totally ture! I packed it for my trip to Greece and loved using it when I wanted to cover up tired eyes from flights and ferries. It creates a blurred-out effect with it’s ultra-pigmented, blendable formula that controls shine and masks imperfections for 24 hours. Like I said, all day and all night.

It has a water-resistant formula that locks down plus it creates a matte look. Another great thing, it doesn’t crease!


The Three Shades I’m Currently Using

Fair Neutral 

Light Warm

Medium Light Neutral

I’m quite fair with a neutral undertone so under my eyes I usually use a combination of Fair Neutral or Light Warm, depends on how I’m feeling (and looking) that day. In Greece, I mixed a bit of the Medium Light Neutral into my foundation as I caught a bit of a tan so it worked perfectly for me as it added some colour and coverage to my foundation.

What’s great about this concealer is that a little bit goes a long way. Just keep blending when you apply, also only one layer is needed, you don’t need to build it up.

Urban Decay suggests the following:

Choosing the Perfect Shade:
” All Nighter Concealer is ultra-pigmented. So, when testing the product, swatch it on your skin, blend, and let dry down completely to see the true colour before choosing your perfect shade. If it’s a toss-up between two shades, go with the lighter one.” 

R400.00 online or from Urban Decay stores



We all know the iconic All Nighter Setting Spray – it’s an absolue MUST HAVE! Urban Decay have taken this formula and added minerals that shield against environmental damage and protect against free radicals. Introducing the All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray. I wish I had packed this for Greece for when we were walking in Athens, that city pollution can become quite a bit. I don’t even want to think what havoc is causes for your skin.

Same formula as the All Nighter Setting Spray just with extra protection for your skin!

R460.00 online or from Urban Decay stores



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  • Rachel Emma

    I have the All Nighter Foundation and I love it. This post makes the concealer sound great too! It sounds very similar to the foundation (surprise, surprise!)

    Rachel |

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