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  1. Taryn Botha says

    Aaaaaah 9 days of torture waiting for your winner announcement! Can’t wait to see what’s in the bag!

  2. Simone Cameron says

    This colour is really stunning on you!

    I’d go for something like Violate, but looking at this shade. ..I’m also one to shy away from colour, but I think I’d give this a go.


  3. Ayesha Bhayat says

    Went to the store today and WOW. Got me a CHILL make up setting spray. It is super moisturising and hydrating.
    Unfortunately they didn’t have any samples of the foundation I went in for.

    This shade of lipstick is really nice and has alot of depth. Seems like it would suit most skin tones.

    Now that UD and YSL are around the corner from each other my poor wallet will never be the same again

  4. Megan Hartwig says

    Stunning post. You are the golden standard of makeup blogging.

    Wishlist: Trance, Wildfire, Broken, Hitch Hike, Back Door, Liquid, Amulet, Conspiracy, Blackmail, Studded 🙂

  5. Cornell Botha says

    Instagram : @cornellib
    Afterdark is def one of the first shades I will buy as it is totally out of my comfort zone!!

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