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  1. Bernice Vermaak says

    The Beauty Tissue Oil BodySuffle is the Best. Trust me on that. I burnt my self with boiling water.For 3 mnths I couldnt use any cream except Silbercor. Or vitamins, because Vites can interfear with the healing process. Then I bought the Tissue oil body butter at Pnp. And started useing it every day. Hubby couldnt believe the differince it made. By the end of the Tub. Most scaring was gone. Like in gone. I now use the Pearl Extracts Jasmine Body Butter for Nourishing & Anti-ageing skin. Such a life saver for Winter. Great after bathing or showering because it will absorb faster & hydrate beter.
    I l🌸ve their products.

  2. says

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