[BEAUTY]: Tissue Oil Range by Beauty Factory

With the goodness of Tissue Oil but some other fantastic oils packed into this diverse range, you’ll definitely find something for your skincare needs with the Tissue Oil collection from the Beauty Factory.

Before I tell you about the products I received and which ones are my favourite, I just want to chat a bit about the brand. Started in 2011, the brand was created with the intention of spoiling yourself without it costing an arm and a leg. You’ll notice on their packaging, their slogan is “From Me to Me with Love”. Obviously my favourite thing about the brand is that they are environmentally conscious by their support of recycling and they are cruelty free! *Yay*

 The Tissue Oil rnage also contains Calendula Oil; Lavender Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; Chamomile Oil; Rosemary Oil & Vitamin E – believe me, this combination smells amazing! Plus it’s so beneficial for your skin.


The Tissue Oil Body Lotion is a light weight everyday cream that is perfect for those early mornings after you’ve jumped out of the shower with the convenient pump bottle. This lightly textured body lotion is easily absorbed into your skin.


The Tissue Oil Body Caviar is such an interesting product in my books. I wasn’t really sure what it could be used for, but it turns out it’s a really multi-purpose product! You can use it for dry patches; as a mask; a lip treatment; a hand mask, pretty much anything! It smells so great, has a gel like consistency with small Vitamin E beads. Big fan of this product! ps: I even use it on the dry skin on my nose from blowing my nose 100 times a day with my allergies!






The gift set contains the following three products:

I’ll be honest and just let you know I haven’t had a chance to test the Tissue Oil Bath Concentrate just yet, my plug for my bath is broken and I’m trying to be more conservative with my baths. When I do eventually indulge in my bath, I’ll report back to you.


Another winner in my books, the Tissue Oil Salt & Sugar Scrub! The scent of the product was what drew me to liking it before I even tried it, the exfoliation and way my skin felt after I stepped out of the shower were total bonuses. Definitely recommend this product!


 After you indulged with your scrub, I recommend pampering yourself with the Tissue Oil Body Soufflé. It’s a whipped cream that is as light a lotion but as indulgent as a body butter.


IMG_0320 IMG_0324

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Are you a fan of any Beauty Factory goodies? I always think of my best friend who loves the Ginko Biloba & Fig hand cream when I think of this brand (plus I keep that hand cream by my desk at work).


  • Bernice Vermaak

    The Beauty Tissue Oil BodySuffle is the Best. Trust me on that. I burnt my self with boiling water.For 3 mnths I couldnt use any cream except Silbercor. Or vitamins, because Vites can interfear with the healing process. Then I bought the Tissue oil body butter at Pnp. And started useing it every day. Hubby couldnt believe the differince it made. By the end of the Tub. Most scaring was gone. Like in gone. I now use the Pearl Extracts Jasmine Body Butter for Nourishing & Anti-ageing skin. Such a life saver for Winter. Great after bathing or showering because it will absorb faster & hydrate beter.
    I l🌸ve their products.


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