[BEAUTY]: Summer Hair Care

Products I’m Currently Using This Summer

Summer time for me, means spending most of my days in the swimming pool pretending to be a mermaid, or frolicking in the waves of the ocean if I’m lucky enough to be at the coast during the festive season. 
While I will always love being in the water, the chlorine from swimming pools and the salt from the ocean, takes a toll on your hair. 
Needless to say, my usual OCD routine with my hair care has cranked up another notch to stop my hair from drying out. This means I’m switching between different hair masks and have been doing oil treatments more often.
I’ve reviewed these treatments before so some are almost finishing and some I had two of so you can read more about each one on the links:
I like to apply this from roots, yes that’s right, roots to tips and then sleep with it in. This gives my hair that extra nourishment it needs and allows it to soak in the oils from this premium oil.
This is one of my favourite masks. It smells heavenly and works wonders at revitalising my hair.
Davines is one of my top hair care brands that is green and glam and while I only use this mask now and then as it’s quite ‘heavy’ on my hair, it’s great for hydrating and strengthening your hair.
While this is not a mask, it’s a definite treatment for your hair in my opinion. You need to leave it on for a few minutes and less is more when it comes to this conditioner.
How do you keep your locks shiny and healthy during summer?

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