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[BEAUTY]: Skin Creamery Facial Cleanser & Oil

Locally grown ingredients; locally sourced packaging and locally produced. That’s the basis of what makes Skin Creamery just that extra bit cooler in my books.

Made from organic ingredients, these ethically produced products are versatile in the way they care for skin.

I’ve heard so much about the Everyday Body & Face cream that contains coconut; jojoba and baobab oils – I’m adding it to my sopping cart to keep my skin mositurised this winter (ps: you can get it here).

I was sent the Cleansing Facial Powder and the Facial Hydrating Oil  (both available from Faithful-To-Nature and from Skin Creamery). The packaging instantly caught my attention – simple, minimalistic, and made from glass (which is 100% recyclable). I already know that the Cleansing Facial Powder is going up on a shelf as decor!




The Cleansing Facial Powder is made from all-natural herbs and minerals that gently works to cleanse the skin. It cleanses deeply into your pores which helps removes makeup; impurities and excess oil. Made from Calcium Bentonite which is a clay that helps absorb excess oil the surface of the skin and is helps heal sun damage; Buchu which acts as an anti-bacterial agent; Baobab Fruit Powder which is high in Vitamin C and helps with anti-ageing; as well as Macadamia nut shell powder which ever so gently buffs the skin to leave you with nourished and glowing skin.

Mix about a teaspoon with some water to create a paste and gently massage it into your skin. I like to make it quite thick so that it can deeply cleanse my skin. You can even add some honey to it and make it a mask!

This Cleansing Facial Powder is R240.00 and can be bought here.


After cleansing your skin, you’re ready for your next step – the Facial Hydrating Oil. This facial oil is made from jojoba; melon seed and baobab oil which balance together to leave you with a radiant, hydrated skin.

The instructions on the packaging say you should mix it with a few drops of oil, curious about this, I asked Lauren from Skin Creamery why you had to add water – “Unlike most oils, our Hydrating Facial Oil was specifically formulated to mix with a small amount of water. This helps break down the oil molecules which helps the oil to absorb straight into the skin, without leaving your skin feeling sticky or like it has a layer of oil sitting on top of it. The water also helps the oil spread easily on the skin when mixed with a bit of water.”

Sometimes my skin needs a extra bit of loving and I just use the oil as it is and this also works, it just doesn’t sink into the skin as well as when mixed with some water.

This Facial Hydrating Oil is R285.00 and you can buy it here 

For more information on these amazing organic products, head to the Skin Creamery website


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  • Chereen

    Such gorgeous photographs, Cass! I totally hear you re. saving the cleansing powder jar as a decor item – I’ve had my empty one in my bathroom cabinet for about a month now because I can’t bear to recycle it! SO pretty!

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