[BEAUTY]: REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum

Every few months, REN comes out with a new product and I know I’ll mostly likely be a fan of it without even trying it out. This is because I’ve come to trust this brand as always having high-quality products. I saw this product on one of one of my favourite websites, Byrdie, and was so excited for it to launch in South Africa.


So what makes this product stand out from all the rest? The main attraction of this product is that it is a skin finishing serum that is silicone-free. It’s a perfect blend between a primer and a serum; makeup and skincare.

It’s a light-weight serum that is quickly absorbed into the skin. It’s for the step in between your skincare and your makeup, so it’s best to be used after you’ve applied your daily moisturizer. A few drops gently patted onto your skin and you’ll be left with a smooth, matte skin, ready for makeup.

It’s boosts some pretty impressive ingredients such as probiotics which helps the barrier function of your skin; Hyluronans which converts to HA in the skin and helps increase skin hydration and elasticity; the Agave tequilana extract found in this product provides an instant filling effect and mattifies without the use of silicone. This results in a smooth, matte finish; while your skins moisture balance is restored.

Another thing I’d like to mention about this product, is the packaging. It’s so sleek and sophisticated! I’m a huge fan – plus the bottle is glass which is a win in my books!


So would I recommend this product? This is where it gets tricky for me – I really, really like this product but as a consumer, I’m not sure if I could justify the R995.00 price tag that comes along with it. Sure, you could say that it’s skincare and a primer in one but I feel that is a hefty amount to pay for one product. If you find that it’s something you can fit into your budget, then I would say yes, get it!

If you’re looking for an amazing balancing serum to create the perfect canvas and you’re willing to spend that amount, pop over to the REN website to grab a bottle.

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