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[BEAUTY]: Pamper Time with SOil Organics

With the ever busy days we all experience, bath time for me is when I get to zone out and just relax. I usually play music from my iPad, pretend I’m a singer and indulge in bath treats. I can never have a plain bath, there is always a bath bomb; bath salts or an oil in it. It adds to the pamper element of bathing for me.

With spring around the corner, I’ve been testing out the SOil Organics Uplifting Coconut Bath Oil and the Organic Soy Wax Candle. Both have a strong lemongrass scent which gives me the feeling of warmer seasons just around the corner.


I’ve used the SOil Organics Sensual Hibiscus Bath Salts before and just loved them (you can read about them here) but with my skin being so dry from winter, I felt the bath oil would be best. The first time I used it, I added a bit too much oil to my bath, yes I got excited to use it, but my skin felt so good afterwards, no need to add any body lotion after my bath which is a bonus in the dry winter months. It has a strong lemongrass scent as I mentioned before but it also has hints of grapefruit. Don’t let the label fool you, the only coconut vibe it has is the coconut oil it contains. Which, by the way, is from Mozambique and is from organic farming! This bath oil is perfect for summer in my opinion with this fresh scent.

You can get this Bath Oil here for R190.00 (it’s been marked down yay)


I don’t know about you, but I love candles! I have so many with all different scents and usually burn one while I work. I’m actually burning this candle as I type out this post. The Lemongrass scent just gives me a boost to rev through my work. This candle is made from Soy wax which is renewable and biodegradable. Plus it has a lead-free wick. The container is so cute as well, once this candle is finished I’ll be reusing it!

This candle is also marked down to R190.00 and is available here.

What are your pamper treats for bath time?


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