[BEAUTY]: Optiphi Facial Cleanser

While I haven’t used many products from Optiphi, their one product that is still on the top of my list in terms of lip balms is the Optiphi Lip Balm.Β So I was looking forward to testing out some more products from them. The Facial Cleanser from the Active range landed on my beauty desk a few weeks ago so I’ve been testing it out to give you guys my thoughts on it.

It’s a multi-functional cleanser that not only helps leaving you with clean, smooth skin, but also gently exfoliates your skin. It even helps re-balance your skins pH levels. This cleanser contains ingredients that will help calm your skin, while the soap-free formula is also suitable for all skin types.

Here’s a fact you wouldn’t guess from this cleanser – you can even use it as a mask! Yep! I read about it on the Optiphi website and decided to test it out while I was in the shower and shaving my legs (with the water turned off and using my bucket in the shower while I shave!). I left it on for about 5 minutes and could feel a slightly tingling feeling but later that night my skin felt so smooth while applying my night time products.

It can also be used as a spot treatment ( I haven’t tested that out yet) as well as a eye make-up remover and even as a shaving medium. I have very sensitive eyes so I won’t be testing out that element of the cleanser and I feel it’s way too expensive to be used as a soothing shaving medium.

This product retails for R689.00 but doubles up as a cleanser and a mask. Plus it’s got some rave reviews on the website! You can find a store near you here.

Which Optiphi products have you used? Any you think I should try?


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