[BEAUTY]: Label.m Blonde Hair Care

Brightening Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner from label.m 
My fellow blondies out there know that being a blonde is hard work! My natural hair colour is a very dark blonde and you’ll have noticed on my snapchat and instagram that I’ve been going lighter and lighter with each salon visit. 
While I usually tone my blonde by adding some gentian violet to my normal shampoos, now that I’ve gone even lighter I’ve switched up my hair care routine by using these label.m products every second or third wash. 
First impression? LOVE!

This brightening blonde shampoo & conditioner help to gradually lighten and brighten your blonde tones while still helping to nourish your hair and prevent breakage. 
The shampoo contains natural extracts such as White Pineapple, Mamaki Tea, and Lemon which helps to activate the lightening process, yet without damaging or drying out hair which can happen so easily with chemically treated blonde hair.
The conditioner has botanical toners such as Mamaki Tea & Custard Apple which prevent brassiness and oxidation. It also has Starfruit, which is rich in Vitamins B and C thus aids collagen formation and strengthens the hair shaft from roots to ends. Winning!
Those that read my hair care posts often know that the scent of the product plays a key role in whether I will continue using it – um, it smells amazing so that’s a definite yes! Also, you all know how I feel about conditioner – this one is the perfect texture!
Blondes, I highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner! The shampoo retails for R240.00 for 300ml and the conditioner for R260.00 for 300ml (yay for big bottles). Available at selected Splush stores (contact: 0214488847).

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