[BEAUTY]: label.m Dry Shampoo

I’ve been on the fence about this dry shampoo from label.m while I’ve been testing it out these past few weeks. I love the brand, especially this shampoo and conditioner  so I was excited to try out the dry shampoo from them. Now the reason I’ve been undecided about this product is because I’m so used to the usual dry shampoos which are so “powdery”.  I’ve always been a believer in not washing your hair everyday, I wash mine twice a week maximum so dry shampoo is a necessity in my hair care routine.

This dry shampoo uses a natural Rich Starch to disperse oil, and this has less of a powder effect then other dry shampoos. So this has taken some getting used to, as I’ve pretty much got the powder effect down to a tee (believe me it even helps covering up my roots).

This dry shampoo can also be used as a matt texturiser though which is pretty cool.

I think it’s gong to take some getting used to, but one thing I do enjoy about using this dry shampoo is I can actually brush my hair properly at the end of the day.


R254.00 for 200ml available at selected Splush stores

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