[BEAUTY]: LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation

I’ve seen this foundation featured on a few of the beauty blogs I’ve followed but I was a bit apprehensive as I’m not always the biggest fan of the LA Girl Products (I’ve tried a few and then kind of got over them), but after reading a few more reviews and being in need of a new foundation I decided to head to Dis-Chem to go buy one to try it out for myself.

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This high coverage; high-definition; long wear illuminating liquid foundation comes in a variety of shades which I love as often there are so many great foundations but such limited shades. I chose the lightest shade Fair but I’ve found that it’s still a bit too dark for me, only slightly but I never want to have that Jersey Shore fake orange look so I’m always pedantic about my foundation shades (I’d rather add some bronzer to give me some colour).

I still have a foundation in my makeup collection that is too pale for me so I’ve been mixing it in with this foundation and have pretty much been wearing it everyday. I will however buy the white foundation from this range to help lighten it a bit soon.

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I do think they can step it up a bit more with the packaging but I really enjoy that it is a pump bottle with makes it so much easier when applying. I’ve found that it works well with both a brush as well as a sponge, my favourite way to apply this dewy foundation though is with my Real Techniques Miracle Sponge 

After application, I finish off with some powder just to help set the foundation as it is quite dewy and I prefer more of a matte look with my foundation.

Would I recommend this product? Yep! It’s cruelty-free; paraben free and gives great coverage. Plus it’s R175.00 which is a bargain for a foundation!

Have you tried this foundation yet?

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  • Rayne

    This is one of those foundations where I keep saying I will buy it – now it is like two years later and I still have not! I definitely want to give it a go still and I’ll go for a lighter shade thanks to your review Cass 🙂

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