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[BEAUTY]: KAHVE Body Scrubs

When a locally produced, eco-friendly brand, that just oozes sex appeal with their media profile lands on my beauty desk, it’s guaranteed to get my attention. Started by 2 guys, yep 2 sports-loving guys, who decided to make a product that will get you to love your skin, their brand is getting quite a lot of attention lately for all the right reasons.

Kahve, which is Turkish for coffee, is made up of simple, and as down to earth ingredients as possible – great for your skin as well as the environment.

Dear skin
Meet scrub
You can thank us later
Yours in sexy skin


They’ve currently got 2 scrubs in their range – the Revive scrub, which is coconut and matcha based, and then the Enliven scrub which is coffee and cinnamon based.  Both are made with natural, as well as some organic ingredients and were inspired by the benefits of coffee and matcha.


The Coconut Matcha Revive scrub combines Japanese Matcha with virgin coconut oil to help nourish dehydrated skin. It’s also a blend of sucrose beads, silica,  African melon oil and jojoba oil which give it an exfoliating factor, removing dead skin cells and allowing the coconut oils and Matcha to leave your skin with that moisture-rich complexion.

The scent of this scrub is enhanced by the vanilla extract and the mint extract – it smells like a holiday to me!

Perfect for damaged, tired and stressed skin and post sunkissed skin.

R280.00 for 225g


Next we have the coffee cinnamon Enliven scrub which contains high quantities of caffeine found naturally in the Robusta bean as well as avocado oil and Borage oil to help nourish your skin. The combination of the ingredients of this scrub address cellulite, stimulates drainage, refine contours and tighten up the skin. I can’t really say I’ve noticed this happening to my skin but maybe because these curves have more cellulite than I’d like so I will be continuing to use this scrub for the summer. Intended as a morning scrub to help energise and invigorate – the Kahve creators definitely got that right with the delicious coffee scent. Seriously, it’s that good!

R280.00 for 225g


You’re supposed to rub the scrub onto your skin and then leave it on for 2-5 minutes which I haven’t done yet but my skin already feels so great each time I step out of the shower after using this that I always forget to let it linger for a while.

The one thing I just have to say about this product is the packaging, I’m not a fan. I don’t really find it practical and would prefer it in a glass jar but that’s just my opinion.

If you’re looking for some sizzling summer inspiration, do yourself a favour and pop over to the Kahve instagram page! 


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