[BEAUTY]: Justine Tabasheer & Tabasheer Fragrance

Justine Fragrances

A few beauty posts ago, I mentioned that Justine is actually cruelty-free. Most famously known for their cult product – tissue oil, they even offer a range of fragrances. I’ve posted on my Instagram about two of the fragrances I’ve tested out from the brand and wanted to tell you a bit more about them.

Tabasheer and Tabasheer Gold

Tabasheer has a rich scent of rose; jasmine & lily of the valley with woody undertones of musk and patchouli. This scent is a bit too heavy for me and not one I’ll easily reach for. However, the Tabasheer Gold fragrance is perfect for me. It’s a beautiful blend of rose and freesia that compliments the patchouli scent. I’m a floral scent fan, but I don’t like a scent that is sickly sweet. So the oriental element balances this fragrance out for me perfectly.

The Tabasheer Range

While the fragrances of this range are the focus, there are some complimentary products that go along well with it. You can top off your fragrance with a perfumed body lotion, or a perfumed body oil (which will be great in winter). You can even get the matching deodorant or shower gel. So if you find yourself loving one of these fragrances, you can add to your collection.

My Final Thoughts

The packaging for these ranges is a win in my books, especially the fragrances and perfumed body oils. Cruelty-free, and affordable are total perks as well. Even though the Tabasheer is not my favourite, I do recommend the Tabasheer Gold if you’re looking for a floriental scent.  (R519.00 online here)

Available Online here (  or from a Justine respresentative.

*this post was kindly sponsored by Justine.


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