[BEAUTY]: Foundation Mix-Ins for Winter

What Products Am I Adding To My Foundation?

With the colder weather starting to settle in, the air becomes SO dry here in Pretoria (even more than usual – my allergies will vouch for that). So I’ve started adding a mix-in to my foundation to give my skin that extra boost it needs. I never used to be one that would mix my foundation with an oil but it’s started to become a necessity for me these past few weeks and I feel it will become part of my beauty routine.

I’ve chatted about these two products before here but wanted to give you a recap of how I’m using them at the moment.

IMG_2225 (2)


Drops Of Glow

First up, the Drops of Glow Lustre Finish Creator from The Body Shop which is one of the first products I started adding to my foundation.  It adds a beautiful glow and mixes so well with my foundations. Like I mentioned in this post, I love highlighters, so sometimes I add an extra touch to my cheekbones.  1-2 drops are the perfect addition to give you a healthy looking radiant glow.

R280.00 from The Body Shop.



Drop Shot

The other product that I’ve recently started adding to my foundation, is the Drop Shot Mix-In Facial Oil from Urban Decay.  This is essential when my skin is really dry. I chatted about this oil in my latest “Currently Testing” post but I hadn’t used it properly, since then I’ve been adding a drop now and then to my foundation and it’s perfect for helping to hydrate my skin. This is basically a multi-purpose product as it can be used on its own as a facial oil.

I don’t recommend adding too many drops, 1 drop is more than enough for my skin, as I feel it becomes too oily.

R450.00 from Urban Decay


Do you add anything to your foundation? Let me know you use.

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