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Face Prep & Prime

When it comes to applying make up, every girl has their own routines. Now as a beauty blogger and as someone who loves make up, I have to admit that I was never into using a primer. I didn’t see the need for it. 

I used to think it was only for ‘erasing’ or ‘blurring’ your pores until I read this post by Lipgloss Kisses where Chicara speaks about how primers help to not only apply your make up with a more ‘flawless’ effect but also helps keep it on!

I’ve now added two steps to my make up routine. I first apply the LA Girl Pro Prep HD smoothing face primer and then the Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Redness Base under my eyes. 

First up, the LA Girl Pro Smoothing Face Primer.
This primer is cruelty free; paraben free and fragrance free. Since it’s from LA Girl, it’s very affordable. It’s lightweight and applies easily to my skin. It doesn’t feel greasy and I was really impressed with it as the first primer I’ve tried. I can say I will definitely be repurchasing this primer again. I do however, also want to try The Body Shop’s All In One – Instablur Primer as I’ve heard great things about it!

After I’ve applied my primer, I then use the Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Redness Base under my eyes and sometimes along my rose. This is for those dreaded bags and skin imperfections under my eyes. This primer is has a green tint to it which neutralizes redness. 

I used both products during my skin prep for this YouTube video.

Do you use a primer? If so, which one do you use?

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