[BEAUTY]: Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Sound Sleep Cocoon by Dermalogica

While it’s no secret that I battle with sleep, and I have for many years now, this, unfortunately, takes quite a toll on my skin and it’s condition. Your skin is a big indicator of how much sleep you got the night before. This led to an instant wonder about what exactly the Sound Sleep Cocoon from Dermalogica actually was and could it help me?

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This gel-cream transforms skin overnight with its key ingredients that areย specially formulated to deliver active ingredients that hydrate, brighten and revitalize your skin at night. Why at night? Well, it’s actually when your skin is best able to use them.

There are a few ingredients in this gel-cream that really make it worthwhile for your skin. My favourite is the encapsulated, motion-activated French-lavender essential oil. It also contains Tamarind seed extract which softens and hydrates your skin. Tow other amazing ingredients are the Persian Silk-tree extract which is supposed to help reduce signs of skin fatigue and restore it’s vitality while Wu-Zhu-Yu extractย gives your skin a radiant glow by the morning.



How to use the Sound Sleep Cocoon?

Twist to unlock. Apply 1-2 pumps (it depends on how much I feel my skin needs that night but never more than 2 pumps). Massage into your skin and then cup your hands over your nose and take 3 deep breathes.

It feels so silky smooth on your skin when you apply it. Plus I love the scent as the Lavender oil adds such a calming effect when you inhale deeply. Another fabulous thing about this product is that it can be added to your usual routine instead of having to replace a specific product. It will be the last step in your skincare at night.

With this new product, Dermalogica is pretty adamant about how important sleep is. They’ve even created an app that plays soothing sounds to help you sleep as well as tips on how to get a better nights rest. I’ve actually played the binaural sounds when I battle to fall asleep and it definitely helps.



Do I think this product is worth it? While I know it’s a hefty price tag (R1295.00 for 50ml) you should get 3 months use out of it. It really is an amazing product, my skin also agrees!

ps: Have you read my post on the Ultra Calming Duo from Dermalogica?

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