[BEAUTY]: BABOR Ampoule Concentrates – Festival Edition


Taking a page out of the book of trends, BABOR has got you covered when it comes to you skincare during festival season. Stepping out of their comfort zone with this packaging, BABOR has revved up the look for their Ampoule Concentrates. They even added a limited edition ampoule, the Hemp Oil and Aloe Ampoule Concentrate, called “Chill Out”.


I’ve chatted about the BABOR ampules quite a bit before on my blog (pop over here and here to read more) and I honestly believe they are so worth well for your skincare. I use mine as a treat for some pampering and then I also always pack a few when I’m travelling. Did you see my Instagram post from Santorini with my ampoules?


The two ranges of ampoule concentrates that I’ve been testing out lately is the Hydra Glow and the Lifting Star. The Hydra Glow contains hyaluronic acid and polysaccharides which gives thirsty skin the ultimate freshness boost. With regular use, the ampoules, which contain glow pigments and Perfection Peptide P3, leave your complexion looking as fresh, even and radiant as it feels. In this pretty pink box you’ll find 4 ampoules of Hydra Plus and 3 ampoules of Perfect Glow, with the order you should use them.


R436.00 for 7 x 2ml ampoules

The Lifting Star is one of my favourites. It instantly plumps up your skin by promoting skin regeneration. An active complex of organic silicon, extracts of yellow poppy and red microalgae, as well as peptides, improve tissue firmness and skin elasticity, giving the complexion an instantly smoother appearance. In this purple package, you’ll find 3 ampoules of the 3D Firming; 2 ampoules of the Active Night and 2 ampoules of the Lift Express. The 3D Firming is amazing!


7 x 2ml ampoules R655.00

So in love with these ampoules, they are tiny bottles of magic in my opinion! Have you tried them yet?



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