[BEAUTY]: Babor Active Night Fluid & Giveaway

Beauty sleep, not just something saved for Cinderella but rather what we should treat ourselves to each night. Ever look in the mirror after a late night of working/studying/partying and see the damage it’s done to your skin? You can tell straight away if I didn’t manage a good night’s sleep by the dark circles I get under my eyes. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one?

Don’t stress beauties, Babor has a new ampoule range designed to help boost your skin while you shut your pretty eyes and rest.

What am I talking about exactly? Well it’s the ampoule I’ve used a few nights to help keep my skin looking fresh and not like I didn’t manage to sleep well. Introducing the Babor Active Night Fluid. A small 2ml ampoule that contains an extract of black algae; black truffle; and black willow to help renew your skin; give it the boost it needs to get that glowing look.

Plus, it has a subtle floral scent that will send you into la-la land with a smile on your face.

These ampoules usually retail for R752 (7 x 2ml) but I checked on the Babor website now and there is a promotion for R628.00 for the 7 ampoules (limited special). Pricey, but worth saving for those nights you feel your skin needs some extra TCL.

Buuuuut wait, I have a small surprise for you! You can win a small pack of the Babor Active Night Fluid (3 x 2ml) by simply entering below!

ps: only open to SA residents

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What tell-tale signs does your skin show if you haven’t had enough sleep?



  • Chane van Wyk Cilliers

    I love the Babor ampoule range, its just very price, I treated myself to some of the Babor ampoules before I got married in March and it made a big difference on my skin before the wedding and on my wedding day – it is truly an investment.

  • Candice Conyers

    Dark circles and puffy eyes :,( I adore the Babar range; great products that really do make a difference, but I can only afford to splurge once in a while.

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