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  1. Chane van Wyk Cilliers says

    I absolutely LOVE December holidays because its my birthday month and Christmas.
    I love the fact that Christmas is all about giving and sharing the love with each other.

    I love Babor’s products and would love to win this to spoil myself for my birthday 🙂

    Love your post’s and thanks for all the great reviews

  2. Carla Van Der Westhuizen says

    Ah wow what a prize!! Christmas is the BEST! My favourite things about the festive season are: Gluwhein, ginger bread houses, carols (all the cheesy ones), my familys Swedish style Christmas Eve celebration, turkey, gammon, presents and most of all, spending time with my family!

  3. Ramona says

    For it is being able to be with family . Seeing my kids enjoying the time with cousins and also hunting down the perfect presents for my nearest and dearest.

  4. Sharleen says

    Family time is what i love about Christmas. Time for togetherness, food and fun. A real share and care day🌲🍒

  5. Nicole Jansen van Vuuren says

    Thank You for such a wonderful opportunity to try all these wonderful Babor goodies! 💖 The festive season is my favourite kinda season, ever since I was a child it was hugely celebrated in our home, with family, lots of food and of course presents 🎁🎁🎁 I literally can’t wait to spend Christmas this year with my family in Hermanus! We normally do champagne followed by a delicous roast and delectable dessert! We eat so much that we have to take a nap afterwards 😂😂😂 I can’t wait to spoil my family with gifts and shower them with love 😘

  6. abigaile says

    My favourite part about Christmas is being able to be with family and friends and enjoy the festivities of the time of year 🙂

  7. Jessica Kleber says

    I love spending the day with my Family , eating and drinking and celebrating our love for each other .

    I love the festive spirit leading up to the day and spending summer in Sunny SA on the beach or poolside 🙂

  8. Megan Hartwig says

    it’s a magical time of year, I don’t feel it has to be about gift giving, but just about giving of oneself, and Family get-togethers. This is the time when all your favourite chachas, mamas, nephew, nieces, and cousins gather at your place for a big feast. With all the traditional dishes and sweets, the house full of festivities, and we feel like one big happy family….that’s what Christmas is all about.

  9. Brittany says

    Christmas is the best time of year-
    The year wraps up and so you get the opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months and all your achievements, growth and changes!
    It is time to wind down and focus on what counts, loved ones and family time.
    Celebrate together, make memories, spoil each other with love and gifting and it’s also always the time of year for me to treat myself for all the hard work and what I’ve endured for the year, to reboot for another year and set new goals and get excited for the next chapter.
    Everyone around is festive, jolly and lighter.
    It really is the most wonderful time of year.

  10. Andrea Spilhaus says

    Love spending time with family doing all kinds of traditional christmas activities as well as some new ones we cameven up with like camping for a couple days after the festivities.

  11. Natalie says

    The festive feeling and how chilled most places and people are so that you have that special holiday feeling. And just being with family and not having to think about anything but relaxing.

  12. Pravina W says

    I love that everyone is together with no excuses of work and busy schedules. Just the sharing and caring makes it very special.

  13. Natalie Osmond says

    Hmmmm….what do I love most about Christmas?

    The fact that carbs don’t count
    I get to see my lovelies more regularly
    Gifts, gifts and more gifts
    I don’t have to wear pants as often as I have to if I’m working
    Also carbs!
    Ooooooo and Christmas songs!!!
    And singing “Its the most wonderful time of the year”
    Red lipstick, all the red lipstick!!!

  14. Natalie M says

    Christmas cookies, I always make christmas cookies with my mom, I have been doing this since I was a tiny little girl and still do it to this day. Its a highlight of the year for me just to spend that quality time with my mom making the cookies from my gran’s recipe. It makes me feel really connected to the women in my family and even though we leave so far apart its still something we value every year.

  15. Sanet says

    One word … MAGIC! Christmas brings back so many wonderful memories. I recently lost both my parents and my 3 sisters live all over the world these days so I miss those times when we were all still together!
    I aim to create that magical atmosphere for my own children. We do it all : Decorate a big pine tree from the forest near where we live, bake Christmas cake and cookies, Santa comes to hand out pressies on Christmas Eve and we go to church on Christmas Day. After that we just enjoy each other and eat way too much !
    It really is the best Season of the year!

  16. Tracy Jacobs says

    The food, the wine, the laughs, the fun, the love of family and friends, relaxing, swimming, watching movies together and the LOVE ❤️

  17. Riana says

    I love Christmas! The carols, the lights, picking out the perfect gifts, the excitement on my girls’ faces… my family is very close and we spend every waking moment together over Christmas. We have so many odd little traditions that my parents started when we were kids and that we’ve passed on to my kids.

  18. Chelsea Harvey says

    What I love most about Christmas is just the cheer and the love in the air!
    It just gives those warm fuzzy feelings and that it brings people together <3

  19. Taryn says

    Love this idea of an advent calendar for grown ups! Christmas time is my best, family, food and corny Christmas carols 🎶

  20. Rehana Seedat says

    My favourite festive indulgence: I love listening to Christmas carols, snuggling in a blanket with family and friends, and humming these tunes. It encourages a feeling of closeness, and leads one to feelings of joy. During festive season I love decorating a tree, buying gifts for loved ones. Staying out late during Christmas time without any curfews is what I love about the season. Family gathering/get together at my place for a big feast. Enjoying all the traditional dishes and sweets, the house full of festivities, we feel like one big happy family.Definitely a time to rejoice for so many wonderful things in life!

  21. Simone says

    I must admit, by Christmas day I’m knackered. My son’s birthday is on the 20th and I’m on the 23rd. Usually I have a party for him. spend my birthday shopping for Christmas goodies and then Christmas day I feel robbed. my birthday ends up being a non event.

    ALL that aside…. love it for the food and for my kids. The tree….. love the Christmas tree.

  22. Rene Groyer says

    Xmas can be a very stressful season so taking time out is important and this Babor Advent Calendar is perfect to indulge and spoil yourself a little and look your best.

  23. Emy Clarke says

    I love December FULL STOP. It my sister’s birthday, then my birthday and a couple of days later its Christmas. The festive season just fills me with so my joy, I get to spend time with family and I have a 7 year old daughter. Making Christmas fun and magical for her is amazing.

  24. Coral Le Roux says

    I love decorating the Christmas dinner table, probably because you don’t need much talent. Everything goes!

  25. Janet says

    What I love most about Christmas is the special music…. this is the only time of year when beautiful songs like “silent night” and “Joy to the world” may be heard in malls and shops (and in my home)… When I hear it played in malls and shops, my heart leaps with joy as I remember this special occasion when our Saviour was born. The best part about hearing these beautiful carols played in the malls and shops is when you are among a couple of people singing and humming along. It really is special.

  26. Lynnith Andreou says

    What I love most about Christmas is the excitement of my 3 young boys, the tree and decorations and carols! X

  27. Kelly Burke says

    My absolute best about Christmas is family, and it’s even more special now that I have two young children. The excitement and magic around Christmas for them is too special

  28. Sarah-jane says

    Christmas time is family time in our family. We always spend the day together with my parents and my brother and his wife and kids and my gran and gramps who we are so thankfull to still have with us. This year it will be extra special as we have a new arrival this year. My daughter will have her very first christmas this year. She is the only grandaughter in our family so she is definitely going to be spoiled rotten. Im counting down the days untill we see all our favorite people 🙂 love Christmas time.

  29. GRAM MOODLEY says

    I love Christmas cause its more about getting to see families a once a year and going to beaches to spend quality time with families and friends I love Babor’s products and would love to win this to spoil myself for Christmas and as I am unemployed.

  30. Tasneem says

    Although I don’t celebrate Christmas, I really enjoy the festive season. It’s my sister’s birthday so we celebrate with a meal. I also am in love with the Michael Buble Christmas special!

  31. Ginna says

    Christmas time is such a painful memory for me, as my mom passed away on the 27th almost 8 years ago, Christmas hasn’t been the same without her since, spending quality time with my favourite peeps (my 3 daughters) is what I love best about Christmas <3

  32. Natali Trepado says

    I love, love, love spending time with my family, and especially at Christmas, we love talking about our blessings and about everything we’re grateful for <3

  33. Naidene Cooper says

    I love the food, festivities and family time. I’m also a bit of a child when it comes to gifts. It’s also my birthday month.

  34. Shaheeda loofer says

    I love the sense of giving and well being that everyone has over the festive season and the glamorous shop windows that draws you in.

  35. Kristi says

    I love how Christmas just makes everyone feel joy and happier in their hearts. There’s something in air, you can almost feel Christmas. I usually feel it very early, and it’s definitely coming with all the Christmas movies!


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