2013: Happy New Year

Resolutions for 2013
I hope 2013 has already started off well for you? Got the positive vibes flowing?
I’m so ready for this year and cant wait to take each opportunity thrown my way to make it one of the best years!
What are your goals for this year? I feel that sometimes it’s better to have only a few goals each year as it makes it easier to focus on achieving them – how about you?
Here are a few of The Glam Green Girl’s goals for 2013:
– Focus on my health: this includes eating better and exercising more
– Random acts of kindness: I want to give back to others more. Even if I can only give them a smile, sometimes that’s all that a person needs to have a better day
Clean out my beauty cabinet: It’s always good to sort out your beauty products as many times they expire without you knowing – this gives you a chance to try some eco-friendly products
– To be the best I can be: to be great at work; a great friend; a great daughter; a great sister; a great person ~ each of us have it in us to be the very best
– To be HAPPY: as simple as that
Comment below with your goals for 2013 and you could win a prize!
Hope everyone has a Glam and Green 2013 <3
Please note: competition closes 24 January 2013 – winner will be announced on Facebook and twitter on the 25th of January 2013
Only open to South African residents


  • Spice Goddess

    1) be healthy body, mind and soul
    2) learn to drive again
    3) stay away from all things negative
    4) complete my fieldwork form my masters degree
    5) become more eco friendly
    Following on twitter @verushka143

  • Candy143

    I have already started the getting fit goal.:) my goal is to stick to it forever and live a healthy lifestyle.
    I want to be more patient and also make a difference this year.I'll spend more time giving back to the communnity.I need to spend less time on the internet,I think this year I need to ditch my blackberry and opt for a new phone.I want to spend more time with my family and be kinder to others.I need to stop been a shoppoholic and and I need to be more responsible this year with finances.This year I will enjoy life,want to go to overseas this year.

  • Roxanne Chutthergoon

    Happy New Year Miss Glam Green πŸ™‚

    My goals for this year are simple :

    Be more health conscious – Eat better, exercise more, say NO to junk food.
    Focus on me and my happiness – Love myself more and commit to being responsible for making myself happy
    Give away something for every new item i receive
    Make more time for family


  • Anonymous

    I am just going to try and be happy and live life to the full and be kind , caring and loving to Mother Earth and her inhabitants !!

  • Charlene

    Love your goals. I've been thinking long and hard if I want to make a New Year's Resolution list and I still haven't made up my mind. But I pretty much know what will be on mine.
    1. Pass my last 2 subjects to that I can finally finish my honours and graduate this year (I write in Feb)
    2. Register for either another degree or apply to write the Business Analyst certification I want to do.
    3. Regain my fitness – I am not really aiming to lose weight, I just want to feel fit again and also feel healthier in the process
    4. Start something that is just for me – I am considering a photography course or some kind of dance class.
    5. Find an amazing place to live – this is an on going thing because I can't decide where in Cape Town I want to live. There are too many nice places!
    6. Go on a holiday – I haven't been on a holiday in over 4 years! I only ever really take a few days during the year to rest, some for study leave and then a week off around Christmas time – which I usually spend doing admin and chores. I want time to just do nothing at all!

    All the best for 2013 and accomplishing your goals!

  • Bongiwe Mavimbela

    Goals for 2013
    1. Get good marks consistantly this year.
    2. Secure a bursary.
    3. Focus on positive things.
    4. Exercise more.
    5. Study ahead of an exam.
    6. Participate in most school activities.
    7. Surround myself with positive friends.
    8. Go on atleast 3 holidays before the year ends.
    9. Have fun.
    10. Be grateful for the blessings in my life.


    Rehana Seedat email: dseedat@telkomsa.net Happy new year Miss Glam Green. My goals for 2013 is to be the best that I can be by living life the way I was meant to live it & utilize what I have learned and the talents I was born with for further improvement. To improve my health, pay off my financial debts(It's tough when u are the only sole bread winner with immense responsibilities) Last but not least, to always be there for my loving 66 year old dad who needs & depends on my financial support & love, especially after the recent loss of both my mum & brother.Money can buy u luxury but not happiness, something I've learned the hard way in life! Have tweeted this giveaway as well. Twitter: @online61524

  • Nicola Meyer

    I am going to try very hard to live a more organised life this year. Have already started clearing out cupboards and sorting. Also want to excercise and treat my body better.

  • Candice

    My goals for 2013:

    -Rest & Good quality sleep. At least 7-8 hours of sleep.

    – Study something new: Decided to complete my course in Holistic Nutrition.

    – Meditate Daily: Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.

    -Eat mainly fruit & vegetables: Vegan living here i go!

    – Try to live in the moment, forgive, enjoy, smile and just surrender to what life has to give me each day!

    I'm excited for 2013! Just know its going to be a good one!

    Thanks for sharing The Glam Green Girl:) xxx

  • Nivashni N

    I'm a new member of this group and have always been totally obsessed with the colour green.

    Anyway my 2013 resolutions is to firstly pass my honours this year. I would also like to work on being a more calmer person, I tend to get angered quickly which isn't healthy. The next goals would be just to be more positive towards life, enjoy every bit of life and not dwell on the past. Hoping for great things…

  • Anonymous

    My Goals are not for the single benefit of myself this year, I have decided that since they involve other people im more likely to stick them out.
    firstly I want to spend more quality time on my little ones, really getting to know them as their own individual person and hopefully then be able to build them up in the right way.

    secondly I want to pay much more attention to teaching my children about saving this planet and actively recycle as much as possible and not give in to consumerism so much.

    and lastly I want to spend more time outside appreciating it for its beauty and spend more time reconnecting with my husband, put the tele off, leave the laptop and ipad for the odd night and just sit and chat again.

    these are my goals this year, finding my family so to speak and enjoying them.

    happy 2013 Glam green girl, may the best of 2012, be the worst of 2013.

    Kristi Fraser

  • faeema

    You're so right, its better to have just a few πŸ™‚ so mine are:
    1. To do more charity
    2. Get back on track with my fitness
    3. Start doing something new which I love
    4. Learn a new language πŸ™‚

  • Sam

    My goals for 2013:

    Eat more Raw foods, get outdoors in nature more, grow more of our own food, study my passion and learn more self love πŸ™‚ !!!

  • Sanet

    I believe 13 is a lucky number!
    My goals are:
    1. To continue the healthy diet I started in 2012 which helped me lose 15kgs. Aiming for another 10!
    2. To finally complete the Magazine Journalism course I've been itching to enrol for.
    3. To not take anything personally. Hard to do but extremely liberating if I get it right!
    4. To appreciate the small things: a rose, my baby's tiny hand in mine, the sound of a breeze through leaves, a ( sinfully) strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning.
    5. To let go of dreams of winning the Lotto and instead focus on point nr 4! πŸ™‚


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